MFCU gain 20% increase in new member registrations with Digital Member Onboarding

Gaining more new membership with digital offerings

MFCU DMO Case study

To build on their current membership of 80,000, MFCU want to offer more digital offerings to potential new members. They previously carried out a ‘Young and Free’ campaign to raise awareness to the younger generation about the benefits of banking with their local Credit Union.

Member First wanted to go one step further, and provide a solution that allows new members to sign up to their Credit Union from anywhere, at any time. This is particularly beneficial for Millenial and Generation Z members, who expect digital services from all FinTech providers.

Digital Member Onboarding is part of Wellington IT’s cuOnline+ solution, which combines intuitive online banking, digital member onboarding and e-signatures.

20% increase in new member registrations following launch of DMO

“We were delighted to see the publication of a strategic roadmap from Wellington IT and to find a direct correlation with our own digital roadmap. We have worked closely with Wellington IT to ensure we realise the benefits from the delivered solutions and have already seen a 20% increase in membership following the launch of the Digital Member Onboarding portal.

We’ve also seen great adoption of cuOnline+ with 616 members (both new and existing) signing up to use the platform since the launch in April”.

Fiona Cunningham, CEO, Member First Credit Union.

Positive feedback from staff and members

Members, staff and board members are all feeling positive about Member First’s new digital offerings.


“Feedback on the new look and feel of cuOnline+ has been positive from members. They find the interface much simpler to navigate.


Staff are happy with the new platform too. Digital Member Onboarding saves our staff valuable time, and is 4 x times faster than traditional methods, i.e. members coming into branch and applying via paper-based methods. All the data entered at the digital member onboarding stage is automatically transferred to our core system, Scion, so saves data entry time reduces human error".


Conor Ralph, Marketing Officer, Member First Credit Union


"Our Board of Directors were also very impressed with the work on cuOnline+ that has been completed in partnership with Wellington IT.”

Conor Ralph, Marketing Officer, Member First Credit Union

Digital Member Onboarding 4 x faster than traditional methods

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  • 80,474 members and counting
  • 20% increase in membership following the launch of Digital Member Onboarding
  • 616 members (both new and existing) signed up for cuOnline+ in the last 2 months (since April 2019)
  • Members are enjoying a more intuitive and positive banking experience with cuOnline+
  • Member First Credit Union embrace the technology that makes saving and lending easier, so their members can transact from home or work if that's best for them
  • Digital Member Onboarding is 4 x faster than traditional methods

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