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ID Verification

ID Verification as part of Digital Member Onboarding


We're excited to offer automatic ID Verification via IDSCAN as part of Digital Member Onboarding.

When your new members submit their application to join online, IDSCAN compares their uploaded ID to a liveness test, making it much quicker to approve new members.

The video below shows the entire process.

If you're interested in setting up IDSCAN as part of Digital Member Onboarding, please complete the form below.

“We’re using automated ID verification as part of our Digital Member Onboarding solution which is extremely efficient, reduces the time to open an account and provides a very good member experience. The liveness test provides a sleek, modern experience for new members and the report is extremely beneficial from a compliance and KYC point of view. Despite a decrease in new accounts due to Covid, almost a quarter of our new members are joining digitally”. 
Michael Byrne, CEO, Core Credit Union  

Benefits of ID Verification

Enhanced Onboarding

Fraud Prevention

Streamlining the recognition of identity documents and the ability to extract text and data can reduce the member on-boarding process to seconds
Automated document recognition, digital tampering detection, advanced face-matching technologies and real-time online support can assist in reducing fraud

Liveness test

Cost Savings

ID verified instantaneously via liveness test, allowing your prospective members to confidently carry on with their online application.
Automated data extraction and facial recognition speeds up a currently manual process, reducing the staff time needed for traditional onboarding and saving you money

ID Upload


Prospective members can join your Credit Union faster than ever before as your staff don’t have to waste time on manually verifying their IDs
Full report outlining whether the ID is verified or not verified, and why. This is really useful for compliance and risk analysis when it comes to your members. 
Watch how ID Verification works
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