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Give Yourself The Power To Grow

Credit Unions need to think dynamically when it comes to new ways to grow their loan book, increase their membership, and expand their common bond. Financial institutions are changing how they do business, embracing technology and new member services, allowing you to grow your Credit Union and remain competitive against other financial services rivals. 

Technology and services are integral to achieving the internal changes and improvement to member services that Credit Unions need to become powerful financial institutions.  Keeping ahead of technological advances and consumer trends  allows you to attract and retain the next generation of members.

Of the top 10 community Credit Unions

Trust us to power their growth 

Our top customers achieved an average of

Loan book growth last year 

Our biggest customers saw an average of

Asset growth last year 

A strategic partnership that enables growth

We want to help you grow your Credit Union so that you can compete against both traditional financial institutions, and new-to-the-market fintechs. 
With an impressive combination of a powerful Credit Union core system, marketing tools that allow you to identify ready and reliable borrowers, responsive, secure websites, online, mobile, and self-service banking tools, as well as Ireland's only full managed service offering, when you choose us as your strategic partner, you can focus on growing your Credit Union membership, loan book, and assets.

A 39% growth in next gen membership for Member First Credit Union

Using our business intelligence software, Member First Credit Union put together a marketing plan that targeted millennials in their area, encouraging them to join the Credit Union with a series of specialised loan products catered to their stage of life. This led to a 39% increase in their millennial membership, and a loan book growth of 25%.

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