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Introducing cuMobile

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Biometric Login

Credit Union Software

Your members can utilise the modern technology their device offers and log into cuMobile using biometrics such as fingerprint scan or facial recognition.

Biometric login provides a quick and secure method for members to log in. If a member sets up biometric login during their first session, One Time Passcodes are no longer required.

cuMobile at a glance



Loan calculator

Loan repayment calculator so members can determine affordability and payment dates

Biometric Login

Log in via fingerprint or facial recognition eliminating the need for one time passcodes

Branded app

cuMobile branded your way and your own instances on iOS and Android app stores


Members can electronically sign documents such as ECCU forms and Credit Agreements

Add and Amend payees

Members can add and amend PAYEEs, Direct Debits and Standing Orders within cuMobile

Manage profile

Members can update their details, change their password and PIN without having to contact their Credit Union

Loans on demand

cuMobile allows members to calculate loan repayments via the loans calculator, apply for a loan, upload supporting documents and electronically sign documents. 

Members don't need to visit a branch or call the Credit Union to apply for a loan.

Credit Union staff can review all information provided by the member and choose whether to grant the loan and pay it straight into the member's account, or refuse the loan and send an accompanying email.

Credit Union Technology
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Balances at a glance

Credit Union Software

cuMobile is a native extension of cuOnline+ so your members are already familiar with it.

On login, members are immediately shown their available balances, can toggle between different accounts and can view their direct debits quickly and easily.

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