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cuInsight Reporting

Make data-driven decisions with a powerful Business Intelligence tool

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Make data-driven decisions

Credit Union Software

With over 150 pre-built reports, charts and dashboards in your reporting tool, cuInsight, it is easier than ever to use your member data to drive your day-to-day business decisions. 

Access 150+ built-in reports



Credit Control

These reports will help you monitor member loan repayments

Anti-Money Laundering

Monitor any suspicious activity in your member accounts with AML reports


Keep a handle on your members borrowing habits with our lending reports


Operations reports help you manage your branch performance and staff planning


Understand your members like never before with rich demographic data

Custom Reporting

Use the built-in data sources to create your own custom reports

Build custom reports

Slice and dice the data in existing reports to create your own custom reports!  

The colourful dashboards, graphs and reports give you new ways to view your data.

Export to PDF, CSV or Excel and share with others.

Credit Union Technology
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Schedule to run automatically

Credit Union Software

Once you have your reports created you can schedule them to run at specific times e.g. weekly, monthly. 

Scheduling your regular reports means that they run automatically and are ready whenever you or your colleagues need them.

Download our best practice guide

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Our best practice guide provides hints and tips on how to get the most out of your Business Intelligence tool, cuInsight.

In this guide you will learn:

  • How to access the key built-in reports
  • How to analyse the data within reports
  • How to create your own custom reports
  • How to schedule your reports

"With cuInsight we can gather more granular data. For example, I can report on loan officer and branch and tell if one branch is being overloaded. Then we can decide to send another loan officer to that branch. We wouldn't have had this information before using cuInsight"
Geoff McKay, Business Development Manager