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Throughout 2020

About The Event

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Is your manual workload making you FURIOUSER and FURIOUSER? And, how has your digital strategy changed since the pandemic? 

Over 2020, we worked with Credit Unions across both the UK and Ireland to put together a series of online workshops for cuEngage to help address these issues. 

We hope you enjoy the videos of these workshops below...and end up grinning like the Cheshire cat!

Watch the Online workshops


WOCCU have set the challenge of digitising Credit Unions by 2025. We thought it would be an interesting to talk about how we will get there!


DAAS helps your Credit Union make smarter lending decisions and streamline your daily operations. Here's how!

CUMobile APP

Voted the number 1 item at cuEngage 2019, we're thrilled to showcase the brand NEW mobile app, cuMobile! 


Step into the member journey and discover how you can bring digital services to enhance user experience and improve your own operations!


Put the power of Scion in your hands by learning how to automate your manual tasks


Learn some of the top tasks that you can be automated within Scion from Core CU.


Create your own Alerts within Scion inc. Popups, Email, Text messages and so much more!


Learn about all of the reporting features available in our reporting tool, cuInsight


Hear from MFCU about the massive time savings that cash control can offer


Scion already has hundreds of automations built-in. See how they can work for you.

Bonus: Shared Services

A quick walk-through on how we monitor and manage our Shared Services infrastructure.

Bonus: ID Verification

Watch a short demo of our newly released ID verification feature in digital member onboarding

cuEngage 2019

New to cuEngage? Here is what you missed at our 2019 event to show to what it's all about.

Upcoming cuEngage...

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The next cuEngage will take place in October where we will launch our 2021 roadmap. 

Full details for that are coming soon. In the meantime, check out our other workshops via