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Thrive In Your Community & Market

We're a Credit Union software partner who supports the achievement of your goals and your ability to grow your Credit Union, working to a common agenda that enables both short and long term viability for your Credit Union. We focus on delivering a superior, value added combination of solution and services that nurtures your Credit Union, allowing you to focus on what really matters: delivering your strategy.
Make sure your Credit Union reaches its full potential with an IT provider that can be your strategic partner
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Be more efficient with our scalable, end-to-end financial software, self-service solutions and IT managed service
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With increasing regulation in the sector, we provide dedicated compliance support to ensure you stay safe
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Partner Launch Story: Touch ID

Working in partnership with Wellington IT, Health Services Staffs Credit Union launched Touch ID, allowing members to access their accounts using the fingerprint reader on their phone or tablet. The team at Wellington supported Health Services' digital strategy throughout the launch, with both marketing and software. Members have jumped at the chance to modernise how they interact with their Credit Union, and both sign up and satisfaction rates have been high. 

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