Business Intelligence

Data is the life blood of your business

Within our ERP systems we have thousands of tables of data.  However, all this data is of limited benefit to your business if you are not learning from it.

From the wealth of information already collected from every area of the business, we can help you analyse any aspect of your business performance against your competitors and the market in general. This is available quite literally at the push of a button. Using any number of variables, you can pinpoint the information you need to help you plan and budget for the coming year, quickly and easily.

Benefit from the use of a library of well thought out Key Performance Indicators across the business and monitor their progress to make fully informed decisions. Multi-dimensional analysis cubes help you professionally communicate accurate, real time data to the rest of the group, eliminating the need for paper based two-dimensional reporting

As well as providing business intelligence and decision support systems to complement our own software we can also provide analysis tools linking to your existing system.

To ensure maximum return on investment for your business we deploy the latest open source business intelligence tools.

  • Presenting a clear and accurate view of the business from multiple perspectives
  • Providing the intelligence for major business decisions. Trends and patterns in sales and costs are immediately obvious, for example profit, sales volumes, costs, sales turnover, discounts, etc.
  • Reading live data giving an up to date picture of the business
  • Drill through to the base data
  • Export data to Excel
  • Latest open source technologies deployed to ensure maximum ROI

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