What we do

Wellington are the leading software supplier to Credit Unions in Ireland. We design, develop and support the most innovative and dedicated software available to help grow, manage and protect your institution. Knowing that your core purpose is to provide your communities with unsurpassed and affordable financial services, we strive to help you overcome the challenges you face in achieving this. Covering all front and back office needs to help offer the most advanced member services the software is designed with your members in mind. With a system that looks after the accounts and information of over 1.7 million of the 2.8 million Credit Union members in Ireland, we recognise the responsibility we have in assisting you in serving your communities by remaining a strong Credit Union.

Why we do it

We are Credit Union people. Our passion for the Credit Union movement in Ireland energises us to keep producing innovative software that can help you become leaders in the movement. Our staff also live in these communities and use the services that their local Credit Unions provide. Both through our roles at Wellington and as members of Credit Unions we have front row seats to the challenges you face on a daily basis in trying to provide the best possible services for the benefit of the local communities. This is what drives us.

Where we came from

Wellington first grew as software suppliers to both the Credit Union movement and the Drinks/FMCG industry, and our parent Company Wellington Computer Systems still serve these two industries today. However, as part of this more focused brand identity for Credit Unions, we have separated the branding of our drinks division away from Wellington IT, which remains solely a Credit Union Brand. Our new branding for the drinks division, now called Gaina, can be seen here

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